The Competition

The Task

Utilizing 100 mL of water, our robotic will be tasked with autonomously locating and extinguishing a flame that is located some where in the first floor of the engineering building. There will be 3 decoy candles placed throughout the course in an attempt to confuse our robot and 1 real fire. If a decoy flame is extinguished, that run is terminated and will have to start the run over.

The Contest

This competition will be assessed in two phases:

Phase I

The teams are allowed 3 attempts at extinguishing the flame. The score is proportional to the speed of extinguishing the flame. Throughout the 3 runs, only the best time will be kept. Each run will also maintain the same number of decoys and flame and also the same position. The team is not allowed to reprogram the robot in between runs, however they can perform maintenance such as refilling the water reservoir or swapping out batteries. They may also activate different programs already pre-installed on their machine.

Phase II

The second portion of this competition maintains the same goal. However, it will comprise of a 1 round race between the 4 robot teams. During this round, teams are able to have their robot perform actions that could sabotage the other teams. This includes spraying water on the other robots or deploying objects throughout the course.