Hardware Block Diagram


Our 32 bit microcontroller will work as the brains of our operation. As you can see, the microcontroller will not only control the locomotion of our robot but will establish communication with the raspberry pi to determine the exact coordinates of the flame that is located within a competition course itself.

Raspberry Pi

Utilizing a Raspberry Pi camera, our engineers were able to create a fire detection system that is like no other. By determining the coordinate of a flame, we can help our robot find and extinguish a flame. We believe this system will change the way robots are used for firefighting.

IR Proximity Sensors

Our robot will utilize 5 IR proximity sensors to maneuver it self through any course. Our robot is capable of sensing any objects that is 15-20 cm away. Once an object is detected, it will make necessary adjustments to avoid any deadly collisions with the object.

Printed Cicuit Boards

Sensor Board

Locomotion Board